Lauren Alexander


By all accounts, it has been a banner year for Bluesy Folk Rocker Lauren Alexander. A singer, songwriter, and producer with a knack for feel good beats and dig-down-deep lyrics.

Growing up with a healthy dose of twangy country blues and soul driving classic rock, Lauren has snagged her place in line among the good, the bad, and the painfully real.

“My goal” she says “Is to make music you can feel.”

Without a doubt you will feel it. With her roots still dug deep into her small hometown and more miles under her belt than you’d believe, there’s a place within her music that everyone can relate to.

The poet, the thrill seeker, the free spirit, the wannabe. Whoever you are, you'll find yourself perfectly balanced amongst the madness.

Her music lies somewhere between a long lost friend and a new adventure, delivered with honey smoked vocals that are sure to get you off the ground.

Lauren's debut album 'Smoke Signals' is out now.

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